Welcome to the team: New faces at the Swiss Pickleball Association for a strong 2024!

Swiss Pickleball Association Team 2024

The Swiss Pickleball Association is starting 2024 with a breath of fresh air and three new, talented team members! These dynamic personalities bring diverse skills and a shared passion for the fast-growing sport of pickleball.

Tatjana Abramides: The creative force behind our social media activities

Tatjana Abramides took the helm of our social media activities back in 2023 and has been enriching our online presence with a steady stream of posts ever since. You may have already seen her beaming face at our events. Tatjana will not only strengthen our digital presence, but will also play an active role in all our projects. We are looking forward to the innovation and creativity she will bring to the association.

Joel Daniel Ott: Expert for SEO and Google Ads

Joel Daniel Ott has been part of our team since 2023 and specializes in SEO (search engine optimization) and Google Ads support. Although we have not yet placed any ads, his commitment indicates that this could change soon. His expertise will help the Swiss Pickleball Association to be better found online and continue to grow.

Michael Walti: The sports expert and trainer in the team

Michael Walti, sports teacher and trainer, strengthens the team with his extensive expertise in sports, tournaments and school sports. His experience will be crucial when it comes to promoting the sport of pickleball in Switzerland and integrating it into schools in a targeted manner. We look forward to working with Michael to achieve our sporting goals.

Strong together: structure, innovation and exciting news

Together, we have set ourselves the goal of bringing further structure to the still young sport of pickleball in this country. With new ideas, creative approaches and a strong team spirit, we have many exciting projects in the pipeline waiting to be unveiled and shared. Keep your eyes peeled and check back regularly to be part of this emerging pickleball community.

The Swiss Pickleball Association warmly welcomes Tatjana, Joel and Michael to the team and looks forward to a successful and exciting collaboration in 2024!

Michi Walti
Tatjana Abramides
Joel Ott