Pickleball Club Alpthal enriches the Swiss pickleball scene

Pickleball Club Alpthal

The Swiss Pickleball Association is pleased to expand its network and pickleball continues to grow rapidly in Switzerland. We welcome the Pickleball Club Alpthal and the dedicated team around Bianca and Patrick Duss welcome you to our community! By founding the Pickleball Club Alpthal, Bianca and Patrick have created the first pickleball club in the canton of Schwyz, enabling a new region to enjoy pickleball together. Bianca Duss deserves special mention for taking the sport to a whole new level, as she is a trained IPTPA instructor.

The Pickleball Club Alpthal usually opens its doors on Tuesday and Friday between 18:00 and 22:00. Further details can be found on their Website and in our Training section.

We warmly welcome the Pickleball Club Alpthal and look forward to further strengthening and expanding the pickleball scene in Switzerland together.

With sporting greetings,
Swiss Pickleball Association