Together for the sport of pickleball: the power of individual memberships

Pickleball Zurich

The true strength of the sport lies not only in the competitions, but also in the vibrant community that surrounds it. Individual members play a vital role in the Swiss Pickleball Association by not only supporting the sport, but also promoting its presence and impact.

Joint mission

Individual members are very central to our pickleball community. Through your membership, you show us your commitment to the sport and support our mission to make pickleball better known and more popular in Switzerland. Each individual member contributes to the collective vision of our community.

Promotion from within

Individual members are the foundation of the pickleball movement. With your passion and active participation, you help grow the sport and energize local pickleball events. Whether on the field, as a spectator, or as an ambassador for the sport, your support is key to the development and visibility of pickleball.

Build a strong community

The strength of individual memberships lies in their collective impact. Together, we form a community that connects across borders and strengthens the sport of pickleball in Switzerland. By joining together, we help preserve and enrich the sport for future generations.

Individual memberships are much more than mere memberships. They are a clear commitment to the sport, the community and the promotion of enthusiasm and cohesion. When you become an individual member of the Swiss Pickleball Association, you set an example for the future of pickleball in Switzerland!

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