Together for pickleball: the importance of club memberships

Pickleball clubs

The world of sport is not just about competition and performance, but also about the strong community that shapes it. The Swiss Pickleball Association welcomes clubs as important partners who not only have a say, but also promote and publicize the sport.

Co-determination and commitment

Clubs are at the heart of our pickleball community. As members of the Swiss Pickleball Association, clubs not only have a voice, but also the opportunity to help shape decisions and direction. This active participation ensures that the Association truly represents the interests and needs of the wider pickleball community.

Common goal: promoting sport

The support of clubs is crucial to promoting pickleball in Switzerland. Through joint efforts we can reach more people and spread the enthusiasm for this exciting sport. Clubs contribute to this, Tournaments to organize, Training programs and local pickleball events to promote the growth and awareness of the sport.

Community effect

Partnering with clubs demonstrates the collective power of our pickleball community. Together we can take the sport to new heights and build a strong network of players, coaches and enthusiasts. The relationship between the Swiss Pickleball Association and the clubs is a win-win situation where the passion for pickleball unites us all.

The Membership of clubs is not just a formal act, but a promise for common goals and a common future. By working hand in hand, we can strengthen the sport of pickleball in Switzerland and beyond.

Join us by becoming a club member and set an example for the promotion, visibility and enthusiasm for the sport of pickleball!

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