The first pickleball tournament in Switzerland comes to Zofingen!

Pickleball tournament Zofingen

We are pleased to announce a groundbreaking moment for the sport of pickleball in Switzerland. The country's first official pickleball fun tournament will take place in Zofingen, at the prestigious Tennis and Squash Center Zofingen. This year the tournament will be a fun tournament, let's see what else will come.

Here are the details:

Date: November 25 2023

Location: Tennis and Squash Center Zofingen, Eisengrubenweg 24, 4800 Zofingen

Tournament Information: Link to the tournament page

This historic event marks a milestone in the development of pickleball in Switzerland and will undoubtedly further increase enthusiasm for this emerging sport. The Zofingen Tennis and Squash Center has already made a name for itself as a pioneer for pickleball in the region, and now pickleball players from all over Switzerland will have the opportunity to showcase their skills in an official fun competition.

The tournament offers not only competition, but also the opportunity to experience the growing pickleball community in Switzerland and make new friends. It is an event that welcomes pickleball players of all levels, from beginners to professionals, with and without previous experience. A license is not required.

The subsequent pasta party is included.

The Swiss Pickleball Association is proud to work together with the pickleball supplier Pro Pickleball , to support this tournament and congratulates the Tennis and Squash Center Zofingen for its pioneering role in promoting pickleball in Switzerland.

Don't miss the opportunity to be part of this historic moment and experience the first pickleball tournament in Switzerland. You can find more information and the possibility to register on the official tournament page here.

See you in Zofingen, where the future of Swiss pickleball is written!

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