Official Swiss Pickleball Ranking

Individual rankings, also in the team categories.

Ranking across all ages - subject to change

Women doubles

1Christelle Ancay2400
2Antje Bruchner2300
2Jessica Dayen2300
2Mia Van Rooyen2300
2Salima Chettibi2300
6Maya Müller2000
6Stefanie Sandri2000
6Vanessa Gillioz2000
9Bianca Duss1200
9Chrystelle Losey1200
11Doris Eisenring800
11Heather Wiederholt800
11Lorenza von Eckardstein800
11Nicole MacKenzie800
11Véronique Bochud800
16Laura Peer400
16Laura Stedile-Foradori400
16Melanie Schürmann400
16Monique Bosshard400
16Sara Schläppi400
16Tanja Saller400
16Tatjana Abramides400

Men doubles

1Jérôme Frei3300
2Fabio Müller2650
2Michael Guardia2650
4Martin Vanholsbeke2400
5Nicola Imhof1300
5Sergio Brawand1300
5Tom Holliger1300
8Remo Gamma1262.5
9Luca Zubler1062.5
10Killian Chiao1050
11Martino Oleggini1000
12Flurin Mühlemann800
13Cedric Meury662.5
13Jean-Raphael Fischer662.5
13Patrick Duss662.5
16Andre Müller650
16Dominik Kuhn650
16Philipp Affolter650
16Stefano Cucuzza650
20Daniel Olivier Sutter462.5
20Dave Christen462.5
20Eddy Dayen462.5
23Ian MacKenzie400
23Kilian Betschart400
23Mauro Betschart400
26Claudio D'Addona262.5
26David Sanapo262.5
26Edo Bourquin262.5
26Gabriel Wey262.5
26Ivan Mattia Rossi262.5
26Laurent Felder262.5
26Matthias Frei262.5
26Thomas Felder262.5
34Magnus Stedile-Foradori200
34Pete Crosby200
34Thorsten Hainke200
34Tuhiti Greseque200

Mixed doubles

1Jérôme Frei3000
2Jean-Raphael Fischer2400
2Jessica Dayen2400
4Christelle Ancay2300
4Martin Vanholsbeke2300
6Sara Schläppi2200
7Fabio Müller1800
8Laura Peer1300
9Heather Wiederholt1000
9Remo Gamma1000
9Stefanie Sandri1000
12Bianca Duss900
12Patrick Duss900
14Daniel Olivier Sutter700
14Laura Stedile-Foradori700
16Amanda Cucuzza500
16Maya Müller500
16Stefano Cucuzza500
19Benedikt Beutler400
19Christian Gutmann400
19Chrystelle Losey400
19Doris Eisenring400
19Eddy Dayen400
19Melanie Schürmann400
19Michael Guardia400
19Nicole MacKenzie400
19Simone Pitts400
19Tom Holliger400
29Cedric Meury300
30Adam El Hamouly200
30Antje Bruchner200
30Dave Christen200
30Ian MacKenzie200
30Ivan Mattia Rossi200
30Magnus Stedile-Foradori200
30Pat Andrey200
30Salima Chettibi200
30Tanja Saller200
30Tatjana Abramides200
30Vanessa Gillioz200
41Ana Dumitras100
41Lorenza von Eckardstein100
41Matthias Frei100

Ranking for all those who are 18 years or older

50+ with cut-off date on December 31 of the current year

Points from the tournaments

All persons who are not qualified for the Swiss ranking are not listed.

May 5, 2024

Women doubles

1Christelle Ancay2000
1Vanessa Gillioz2000
3Jessica Dayen1300
3Salima Chettibi1300
5Antje Bruchner1000
5Mia Van Rooyen1000
7Chrystelle Losey800
7Véronique Bochud800
QFBianca Duss400
QFDoris Eisenring400
QFHeather Wiederholt400
QFLaura Peer400
QFLaura Stedile-Foradori400
QFMelanie Schürmann400
QFNicole MacKenzie400
QFTatjana Abramides400

Men doubles

1Fabio Müller2000
1Michael Guardia2000
3Jérôme Frei1300
3Tom Holliger1300
5Martino Oleggini1000
5Remo Gamma1000
7Flurin Mühlemann800
7Luca Zubler800
QFCedric Meury400
QFIan MacKenzie400
QFJean-Raphael Fischer400
QFKilian Betschart400
QFKillian Chiao400
QFMartin Vanholsbeke400
QFMauro Betschart400
QFPatrick Duss400
R16Daniel Olivier Sutter200
R16Dave Christen200
R16Eddy Dayen200
R16Magnus Stedile-Foradori200
R16Pete Crosby200
R16Thorsten Hainke200
R16Tuhiti Greseque200

Mixed doubles

1Sara Schläppi2000
1Jérôme Frei2000
3Laura Peer1300
3Fabio Müller1300
5Christelle Ancay1000
5Martin Vanholsbeke1000
7Heather Wiederholt800
7Remo Gamma800
QFMelanie Schürmann400
QFMichael Guardia400
QFJessica Dayen400
QFJean-Raphael Fischer400
QFTom Holliger400
QFSimone Pitts400
QFBianca Duss400
QFPatrick Duss400
R16Eddy Dayen200
R16Vanessa Gillioz200
R16Chrystelle Losey200
R16Christian Gutmann200
R16Pat Andrey200
R16Adam El Hamouly200
R16Tatjana Abramides200
R16Cedric Meury200
R16Antje Bruchner200
R16Daniel Olivier Sutter200
R16Magnus Stedile-Foradori200
R16Laura Stedile-Foradori200
R16Ian MacKenzie200
R16Nicole MacKenzie200
R16Benedikt Beutler200
R16Doris Eisenring200

June 29, 2024

Women doubles

1Maya Müller2000
1Stefanie Sandri2000
2Mia Van Rooyen1300
2Antje Bruchner1300
3Jessica Dayen1000
3Salima Chettibi1000
4Lorenza von Eckardstein800
4Bianca Duss800
QFMonique Bosshard400
QFDoris Eisenring400
QFHeather Wiederholt400
QFNicole MacKenzie400
QFSara Schläppi400
QFTanja Saller400
QFChristelle Ancay400
QFChrystelle Losey400

Men doubles

2Jérôme Frei2000
2Martin Vanholsbeke2000
3Nicola Imhof1300
3Sergio Brawand1300
QFAndre Müller650
QFDominik Kuhn650
QFFabio Müller650
QFKillian Chiao650
QFMichael Guardia650
QFPhilipp Affolter650
QFStefano Cucuzza650
R16Cedric Meury262.5
R16Claudio D'Addona262.5
R16Daniel Olivier Sutter262.5
R16Dave Christen262.5
R16David Sanapo262.5
R16Eddy Dayen262.5
R16Edo Bourquin262.5
R16Gabriel Wey262.5
R16Ivan Mattia Rossi262.5
R16Jean-Raphael Fischer262.5
R16Laurent Felder262.5
R16Luca Zubler262.5
R16Matthias Frei262.5
R16Patrick Duss262.5
R16Remo Gamma262.5
R16Thomas Felder262.5

Mixed doubles

2Jessica Dayen2000
2Jean-Raphael Fischer2000
3Martin Vanholsbeke1300
3Christelle Ancay1300
4Stefanie Sandri1000
4Jérôme Frei1000
QFStefano Cucuzza500
QFPatrick Duss500
QFMaya Müller500
QFLaura Stedile-Foradori500
QFFabio Müller500
QFDaniel Olivier Sutter500
QFBianca Duss500
QFAmanda Cucuzza500
R16Tanja Saller200
R16Sara Schläppi200
R16Salima Chettibi200
R16Remo Gamma200
R16Nicole MacKenzie200
R16Ivan Mattia Rossi200
R16Heather Wiederholt200
R16Eddy Dayen200
R16Doris Eisenring200
R16Dave Christen200
R16Chrystelle Losey200
R16Christian Gutmann200
R16Benedikt Beutler200
R32Matthias Frei100
R32Lorenza von Eckardstein100
R32Cedric Meury100
R32Ana Dumitras100

August 11, 2024

Women doubles

Men doubles

Mixed doubles

August 31 - September 1, 2024

October 26 - 27, 2024

Points distribution

Tournaments of the Swiss Pickleball Tour 2024

  • 1st place - 2000 points
  • 2nd place - 1300 points
  • 3rd place - 1000 points
  • 4th place - 800 points
  • Quarter Finals: 400 points
  • Best 16: 200 points
  • Below: 0 pts

Additional information

The ranking points achieved in a tournament are deleted 52 weeks later, with the exception of the CH Championship, where the points are deleted on the Monday after the championship of the following year.

At each qualifying tournament, 8300 points are awarded to the best 16 players (16600 points to the best 32 players in doubles categories). The points of players who are not qualified for the Swiss Pickleball Ranking (e.g. foreign players without a permanent residence in Switzerland) are divided and added to the qualified players. A total of 8300 (16600) points are therefore always awarded per tournament.

Only players with more than zero points are listed.