Our strategy is based on the principles and objectives of the Swiss Pickleball Federation and pursues the long-term goal of making pickleball an Olympic sport. We are committed to establishing pickleball as a recognized sport in Switzerland and internationally and to creating the conditions for its possible inclusion in the Olympic program. Our strategy includes the following key areas:

International cooperation and recognition

  • Active participation in international pickleball committees and associations to promote the development and spread of the sport worldwide.
  • Establish and maintain partnerships with other countries to make joint efforts to recognize pickleball as an official sport.
  • Promote cooperation with the International Pickleball Federation in order to create the conditions for possible inclusion in the Olympic program.

Promotion of competition and tournament structures:

  • Organization and support of national and international pickleball tournaments and championships in Switzerland.
  • To promote the participation of our athletes in international competitions in order to improve their performance and raise the profile of Swiss pickleball at a global level.
  • Development and implementation of competition and tournament structures that meet international standards and requirements.

Development of female and male athletes:

  • Identification and promotion of talented pickleball players in Switzerland.
  • Providing high-quality training, coaching and support for performance-oriented athletes to reach their full potential.
  • Creating opportunities for international competitive experience and exposure to prepare our players for the demands of potential Olympic participation.

Public relations and lobbying:

  • Active public relations work to increase awareness and understanding of pickleball in Switzerland.
  • Lobbying at national and international level to support the recognition of pickleball as an Olympic sport and to gain the support of relevant sports authorities and organizations.

Promotion of young talent:

  • Development and implementation of junior programs to identify and promote young talent in pickleball.
  • Creating opportunities for young athletes to develop their skills and potential in a national and international context.
  • Working with schools, youth organizations and sports associations to position pickleball as an attractive sporting option for young people.


  • We actively work to ensure that people with an impairment can participate in pickleball sports on an equal footing and in a self-determined manner. To this end, we develop concrete offers and ensure the inclusion of important networks in order to incorporate their interests and needs.