Rules for Pickleball published in Switzerland!

Pickleball Switzerland USA Pickleball Game Rules

We are pleased to announce that the official rules for Pickleball in Switzerland have been defined and are now available on our website!

The rules of the game are mainly taken from the official USA Pickleball Rules in order to maintain uniform standards and clear guidelines for the sport of pickleball in Switzerland. They have been developed in the USA for years in close cooperation with experts, players and associations to ensure a fair and exciting playing experience for everyone.

You can now find the complete rules of the game on our website. Currently still in English with a few adaptations for Switzerland. From the dimensions of the court and the serving techniques to the specific explanations on points and penalties - everything you need to know to master the game is just a click away!

On our website at, navigates to the "Official"and dive into the world of the official Pickleball rulebook. You will be surprised how precise and detailed this game guide is.

We are convinced that these standardized rules will further advance the sport of pickleball in Switzerland. They create a solid foundation for fair competitions, a shared playing experience and the continuous development of our sport.

Visit our website, find out about the rules of the game and share them with your fellow players and friends. Let's improve the game together and strengthen our passion for pickleball in Switzerland!

Exciting is also the way of playing with wheelchair. See the extra post Wheelchair.

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