IT reinforcement: Matthias Frey strengthens the Swiss Pickleball Association on the digital playing field

Matthias Frey

Another exciting chapter begins for the Swiss Pickleball Association with the support of Matthias Frey, an experienced Full Stack developer, who has developed the Team in many IT matters. This reinforcement is crucial for optimizing digital structures, improving workflows and ensuring that all information can be presented in the best possible way.

Matthias Frey: A professional in the field of full stack development

Matthias Frey brings a deep understanding of a variety of technologies and will play a key role in taking the IT structure of the Swiss Pickleball Association to the next level. His experience as a full stack developer allows him to work on both the front-end and back-end side to ensure a seamless and efficient integration of digital solutions.

Optimize workflows and expand infrastructure

Matthias' main mission will be to optimize the association's workflows and expand the IT infrastructure. This will not only create a more efficient internal organization, but also ensure that all members and interested parties receive the best possible information about the sport of pickleball. The digital presence of the Swiss Pickleball Association will thus be strengthened and equipped for the future.

Volunteering under the sign of the pickleball

It is important to emphasize that, like all other employees and board members, Matthias Frey invests his time and expertise in the association's work on a purely voluntary basis. The shared passion for pickleball and the commitment to promoting this up-and-coming sport in Switzerland is what drives everyone involved.

Thanks to the help with the Pickleball project

On behalf of the entire pickleball community, we would like to Matthias Frey, as well as Tatjana Abramides, Joel Daniel Ott and Michael Waltifor their valuable support. The cooperation of these dedicated people makes it possible to further strengthen the Swiss Pickleball Association and promote the sport in Switzerland.

We look forward to working with Matthias and are excited about the innovations he will bring to the Swiss Pickleball Association's digital presence.

Sporting greetings
The Executive Board