Pickleball Sports Center: Be part of our growing community!

Do you run a sports center and feel the up-and-coming trend of pickleball? Then the Swiss Pickleball Association offers an exciting opportunity. By joining us, you can not only make your sports center visible, but also benefit from a strong network for pickleball enthusiasts in Switzerland.

The power of the network

In today's world, more and more people are looking for new sports experiences that are fun and at the same time provide great physical activity. Pickleball meets these needs perfectly. As a sports center that offers pickleball, you have the opportunity to become part of an emerging network that connects sports enthusiasts.

Visibility and promotion

Membership with the Swiss Pickleball Association provides a platform for sports centers to make their offerings visible. Our community includes a wide range of players and enthusiasts looking for places to play and enjoy pickleball. By joining us, you'll not only help promote the sport, but you'll also get the opportunity to reach new customers and spread the word about your sports center.

Common mission: promote pickleball

Your membership of the Swiss Pickleball Association is more than just a formal association. It is a commitment to promoting the sport of pickleball in Switzerland. Just like our club and individual members, you are helping to strengthen the sport, spread enthusiasm and build a vibrant community.

If you are a sports center that offers pickleball, we invite you to become part of our growing pickleball family. Join us and make a statement for the sport and the movement. Together we can promote the sport of pickleball in Switzerland and beyond!

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