Pickleball Rulebook 2024

Pickleball Rulebook 2024

New pickleball rules for the New Year: an overview

Happy New Year!

An exciting new year has begun, and the world of pickleball welcomes 2024 with a significant update to the rulebook by USA Pickleball. While some of the changes may seem less relevant to beginners, they could have a significant impact in tournament situations. Here's a quick translation of the most important changes so you can start the pickleball year well prepared.

The innovations at a glance

Correction of server, receiver and player position errors (4.B.9)
Errors for incorrect servers, incorrect receivers and player position errors are eliminated. The referee now corrects such player errors before announcing the result. Rule 4.B.9 is the primary rule text. Several other rules have been modified or deleted to reflect this change.

Draping net (2.C.6/11.L.5.b)
Rule 2.C.6 requires a replay if a ball goes over the net and hits a net lying on the ground (except for a serve), but only if the referee determines that the ball was affected by the draped net. This rule and Rule 11.L.5.b for temporary nets now require a replay without restriction. A determination that the ball was touched by the draped net is now not required in either official or non-official play.

Catching or carrying the ball with the racket (7.L)
Rule 7.L now makes catching or carrying a ball with the racket a fault without the need to establish that the catch or carry was intentional.

Concession of a ball change (13.E.4/13.E.5)
Concession of a ball change (13.E.4/13.E.5)
Rule 13.E.5 requires a replay if a player recognizes the linesman's decision to play the ball out of bounds as "in" to his disadvantage. The player or team may now decide to award the rally to the opponent if they determine that they would not have been able to return the "in" ball.
Similarly, Rule 13.E.4 requires a replay if the referee overrules the linesman's decision "out" as "in". The player or team who benefited from the referee's decision may now decide to award the rally to their opponent if they determine that they would not have been able to return the "in" ball.

Medical time-outs (10.B.2.c)
A player is now allowed to use available standard time-outs after the 15-minute medical time-out has expired in order to have more time before the player must leave the game.

NOTE on medical timeouts: Case 5-23 in the USAP Casebook specifies how and when a player may revoke a medical timeout and that the medical timeout will not be charged to the player. The rule has been revised to state that the requested medical timeout will be charged to the player.

Paddle specifications (2.E.2/2.E.5.a/2.E.5.c)
The paddle specifications have been updated to reflect new and emerging paddle technologies and features, and to clarify the changes players are allowed to make to certified paddles.

Mini-Singles (12.O)
Mini-Singles is currently an approved format. The specific rules for mini-singles are now included in the rulebook.


Where can you find the updated rulebook?

You can download the complete updated USA Pickleball rulebook via the following Link download. This is a great resource to review the details of the changes and make sure you are playing your pickleball game up to date with the latest rules.

Why are these changes important?

While some changes may seem subtle, clear and concise rules are crucial to ensure fairness and consistency in pickleball, especially in competitive situations. Understanding these changes is therefore important for all pickleball players to ensure a smooth and fair playing experience.

Conclusion: Well prepared for the pickleball year 2024

With these new rules, there are many exciting things to discover and learn. We encourage all pickleball enthusiasts to download the updated rulebook, study the changes and prepare for the upcoming games, tournaments and challenges. May the 2024 Pickleball year be one of success and fun for all of you!

Stay tuned for more updates and news from the world of pickleball. See you soon on the court!