Rules of the game

In Switzerland, the game is played according to the official pickleball rules of the USA, with the following adaptations

Field length

_Swiss Pickleball Association
13.41 meters ± 1cm
! So that the outline of the badminton doubles court can be used !

_USA Pickleball
13.41 meters resp. 44 feet

_Swiss Badminton
13,400 meters

Field width

_Swiss Pickleball Association
6.10 meters

_USA Pickleball
6.10 meters resp. 20 feet

_Swiss Badminton
6.10 meters

Line width

_Swiss Pickleball Association
The line width is set with a width of 5.00 cm recommended. However, widths of 5.08cm (2 inch) and 4.0cm (badminton) are also permitted.

_USA Pickleball
5.08 cm (2 in)

_Swiss Badminton
4.0 cm

Non-Volley Line

_Swiss Pickleball Association
The non-volley line shall be set as defined by USA Pickleball at 2.13 meters and thus corresponds to not the line of the badminton court (1.98 meters from the net).

_USA Pickleball
2.13 meters resp. 7 feet

_Swiss Badminton
1.98 meters

Total pitch size

_Swiss Pickleball Association
The total field size should be chosen as follows, according to the USA Pickleball regulations

_Minimum 9.14 x 18.29 meters (30 x 60 feet)
_recommended 10.36 x 19.50 meters (34 x 64 feet)

_Tournaments 10.36 x 19.50 meters (34 x 64 feet)
_play with wheelchair 13.41 x 22.56 meters (44 x 74 feet)
Stadium 15.24 x 24.38 meters (50 x 80 feet)

The dimensions of the court must be made outside the edge of the court and the lines of the non-volley zone.

Pickleball rules 2024

Translations follow.

The rules of the game are reviewed every year by the Swiss Pickleball Association and published at the official USA Pickleball Rules of the game.
In addition, the rules of the International Pickleball Federation and the European Pickleball Federation observed and included.


Paddles - rackets

All paddles that are approved by USA Pickleball are also approved in this country!


All balls that are approved by USA Pickleball are also approved in this country!

USA Pickleball Approved

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