New pioneer with us: Welcome Tennis and Squash Center Zofingen!

Tennis and Squash Center Zofingen

We are thrilled to welcome another flagship sports center as a new member: the "Tennis and Squash Center Zofingen"! This outstanding center is not only a pioneer in the field of tennis with international status, but also a true trailblazer in the emerging world of pickleball.

Pioneer in two sports

The "Tennis and Squash Center Zofingen" has not only made a name for itself as a prestigious address for tennis tournaments with an international reputation, but it has also had a decisive influence on the pickleball scene in Switzerland. It is his vision and commitment that pave the way for the development of the sport of pickleball in the region.

A solid foundation for the future

The center's impressive experience and expertise in managing tennis tournaments at an international level create a solid foundation for organizing pickleball tournaments in Switzerland. The combination of a strong sports ethos and a willingness to try new things lays the foundation for exciting competitions and a vibrant pickleball community.

Exciting news in prospect

We can't wait to share more news soon! The "Tennis and Squash Center Zofingen" is preparing to establish pickleball tournaments in Switzerland and we look forward to updating you with exciting news soon. This partnership promises an exciting future for the sport of pickleball in Switzerland.

The Swiss Pickleball Association warmly welcomes the "Tennis and Squash Center Zofingen" and looks forward to working together to spread pickleball enthusiasm and take the sport to new heights in Switzerland!

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