New member: Tennis und Squash Grüze AG - A pickleball pioneer

Pickleball at Tennis and Squash Grüze AG Winterthur

It is with great pleasure that we announce that the Swiss Pickleball Association welcomes a new member to its ranks: the renowned "Tennis und Squash Grüze AG" in Winterthur. This sports center is not only a newcomer, but also a true pioneer in the world of pickleball!

Winterthur: A hotbed of pickleball pioneering spirit

The city and surrounding area of Winterthur have become a breeding ground for pickleball enthusiasts who not only appreciate the sport, but are building a passionate community of players. The enthusiasm for pickleball here is contagious, and the Swiss Pickleball Association is proud to join this growing movement.

Tennis und Squash Grüze AG: Pioneering Pickleball

The "Tennis and Squash Grüze AG" in Winterthur literally got the ball rolling when it came to pickleball in the region. As the first sports center to introduce the sport to the area, they further developed the path for the pickleball boom in Winterthur. Their support and commitment are instrumental in making pickleball even better known and embraced by a growing number of enthusiastic players.

Together for the future

The membership of the "Tennis and Squash Grüze AG" with the Swiss Pickleball Association means much more than formal connections. It symbolizes a shared belief in the transformative power of the sport to unite people and strengthen communities. Together we will organize tournaments, events and activities to promote the excitement of pickleball in Winterthur and beyond.

The Swiss Pickleball Association is excited about this new chapter and looks forward to the adventures we will have together. We invite all pickleball friends around Winterthur to enjoy the offer of the Sportcenter "Tennis and Squash Grüze AG" and experience the fascination of this sport!

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