New member: Pickleball Club Zürich-Unterland

Pickleball Club Zurich Unterland

Historic moment: The Pickleball Club Zürich-Unterland becomes the first club member of the Swiss Pickleball Association!

It is a milestone for the Swiss pickleball sport and a reason to celebrate: The Pickleball Club Zürich-Unterland has the honor to host the first Association member of the Swiss Pickleball Association. This significant development not only marks a historic moment, but also paves the way for a thriving pickleball community in Switzerland.

The birth of an association

The acceptance of Pickleball Club Zürich-Unterland as the first club member of the Swiss Pickleball Association is a historic moment that marks the beginning of a new era for the sport of pickleball in Switzerland. This partnership lays the foundation for the development of pickleball tournaments, training programs and events throughout the country.

The vision for the future

Together, we will continue to drive the enthusiasm for pickleball in Switzerland. The Pickleball Club Zürich-Unterland and the SPA share the vision of making the sport accessible to people of all ages and skill levels. This partnership will not only promote friendship, but also the shared experience.

We would like to welcome the Pickleball Club Zürich-Unterland to the Swiss Pickleball Association. This is the beginning of an exciting journey where together we will spread pickleball enthusiasm in Switzerland and take the sport to new heights.

Stay tuned to learn more about upcoming pickleball events and initiatives. Together we are shaping the future of pickleball in Switzerland!

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