Mission Statement

The mission statement sets out the basic principles and goals to which the Swiss Pickleball Association aspires. It serves as a guide for our members, partners and the entire pickleball community. Our aim is to promote and develop the sport of pickleball in Switzerland and make it accessible to all. We are committed to the following values and goals:

Promoting the community

We are committed to building an open, friendly and inclusive community where all pickleball players (or "the players") are welcome. We create an atmosphere of respect, fairness and cohesion where everyone feels comfortable and supported.

Top performance

We strive for excellence in all aspects of the sport. We are committed to developing players at all levels by providing high quality training opportunities, competitions and tournaments. We support and develop talented players to compete at the highest level in national and international competitions.

Popular sport

We want to promote the idea of grassroots sport and make pickleball accessible to people of all ages and abilities. We offer programs and initiatives to make it easier for beginners to get into the sport and to generate enthusiasm for pickleball throughout Switzerland. We support the formation of regional associations and clubs to promote the sport.


We are committed to working with other associations, organizations and stakeholders to support the development and promotion of pickleball in Switzerland. We seek partnerships to pool resources, share best practices and accelerate the growth of the sport. Furthermore, we strive for a close connection to the International Pickleball Federation to enable the participation of our players in international tournaments and competitions.

Integrity and ethics

We always act in accordance with the highest ethical standards and promote integrity, fairness and sportsmanship. We fight against cheating, doping and unsportsmanlike conduct and are committed to clean and ethical sport.


We are committed to exploring and integrating new ideas, technologies and concepts to move the sport forward. We promote innovation in rules, equipment, training and events to provide players with the best possible playing experience.

By implementing this mission statement, we will establish the Swiss Pickleball Association as the leading organization for pickleball in Switzerland and the sport on a national level.