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Swiss Pickleball Association Member Benefits

New features for members: simplified tournament and event registration, interactive map view, and the ability to share your pickleball enthusiasm!

The Swiss Pickleball Association has listened to your feedback and is pleased to announce exciting new features for our members. These enhancements have been developed to make organizing pickleball tournaments and events even easier and more user-friendly.

1. simplified tournament and event registration via CSV file

The acquisition of Tournaments and events has never been so easy. As Member of the Swiss Pickleball Association, you can now Events easily by means of a CSV file. This handy feature saves time and simplifies the registration process significantly. Now you can register your tournaments and trainings faster and more efficiently.

Simply enter the required information into your CSV file and upload - you're ready to share your pickleball events. A great step to make sure all members are up to date on the latest events and tournaments.

2. interactive map view with search function of events

Our pickleball community spans all of Switzerland, and we want to make sure you're always aware of events near you. Our brand new Map view provides a user-friendly way to find pickleball events in your area.

Search the map to find out what's happening in your area and quickly and easily find events that match your interests and play style. The search function allows you to target tournaments and trainings near you, so you'll never miss an exciting event again.

3. share your pickleball enthusiasm

With these new features, we want to encourage Swiss Pickleball Association members to be even more active participants in our thriving pickleball community. Whether you are hosting a tournament or organizing a practice, your pickleball events deserve to be seen.

And here's the exciting part: we invite you to send us photos of your pickleball events! We will be happy to post these photos on our Social media channels to share the excitement and great moments you experience with our entire community.

The Swiss Pickleball Association appreciates your support and commitment to the sport of pickleball in Switzerland. These new features are a testament to how much we value your participation and ideas.

Together, we are making the sport of pickleball in Switzerland even stronger and more exciting. We look forward to discovering, experiencing and sharing all your great pickleball events with our broad community.

Try out the new features right now and share your pickleball events on our website. We can't wait to see more exciting tournaments and workouts in our pickleball community!

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