A modern step: Fairgate - the new club software of the Swiss Pickleball Association

Fairgate club software Swiss Pickleball Association

The Swiss Pickleball Association is moving with the times and is introducing Fairgate as its new association software. This modern solution brings numerous advantages and makes the organization and administration of our association activities much easier.

Thanks to Fairgate, we can now organize all association processes more efficiently. The software enables clear management of member data and communication with our members on a central platform. The automated functions optimize workflows and significantly reduce administrative work.

The software offers secure and reliable data management, which is of the utmost importance to us as an association.

The application forms will be updated in the near future so that the data flows directly into the new system. Among other things, this will prevent careless mistakes caused by manual typing, and invoices will be issued more quickly and listed in a way that is easier to check.

We are convinced that Fairgate will make an important contribution to making the Swiss Pickleball Association more effective and efficient. With this modern club software, we are ideally equipped to offer our members an optimal club experience and to further promote the sport of pickleball in Switzerland.

We are looking forward to the new opportunities that Fairgate offers us and are excited about our future together with this innovative software solution.

With sporting greetings,
Swiss Pickleball Association